Drual 8 Webform as internal Notification System

Drupal 8 Webform Is Awesome ! (formally known as ymalform)  the idea of having a internal notification system is a cool idea and some times you need to implement it ...
lets see an example of how you would do it with the webform module

so first you need to figure out when you want to send an notification and then to who ... this will most likely come in the form of EventSubscribers see http://taggartjensen.com/code-snip/drupal-8-workbench-eventsubscriber-example

Drupal webform in shadowbox

Some tims you want to make a webform in a pop up shadow box or light box ...well that is cool here is how you set that up:
1) Make the drupal webform the normal way and note the page id :
2) Copy your page-node.tpl.php and change it to page-node-YOURID.tpl.php (example page-node-38.tpl.php
3) in your themes template.php add this function so you can template pages by id: (change "themename" to your themes name)