module development

Drupal 7 Creating A Custom Web Service Module

The follwing is an example of creating a custom drupal 7  web service module , for the Services module.

Why I made this:  the reaso i made this is for the life of me i could not figure out how to
attach a file to a node when creating one with services (but not posting via endpoint/node/nodeid/attach_file ) .
 after you created a file with :

Session Authentication (X-CSRF-Token = token string )
after posting


to endpoint/user/login.json

Posting to endpoint/file

Custom social share module d6 and d7:

Have a look at the bottom of this page ...see the social widget ?
well  it is a module  I made for  drupal 6 and drupal 7

That provides social like actions with little to no JavaScript overhead ... however it is 100% custom !

That means you can do whatever you want with it ... 

Want  10000000 likes on face book ? Just go type it in !  “Looks” like you are social media king !


Drupal 7 hook form alter validation example

ok so you are making a content type and you want to add a text field (or any type) and you set it all up then bang it hits you you need some extra validation on that field no big deal !
you need the field name ..."Machine name"  (see admin/structure/types/manage/TYPE/fields) and the form id  (create content ..the type with your field view sourse ..lookfor form_id) then you can module it up !

Drupal 7 Custom form with ajex for use in custom table

so you want to use drupal to render a form but submit that data to a custom table you defind or other database on your server* 
in my case i had a custom created table called `user` but my main drupal database was using a prefix ... so all my querys were failing if your database does not have a prefix then skip ahead :

first is you need: to change your settings file settings.php...